Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian Blinds Overview

Sunset Blinds & Shutters presents Timber Venetian blinds, offering the timeless allure of premium grade timbers and modern composite materials.

Our exquisite collection of window furnishings is designed to captivate, offering a diverse range of colors and styles to harmonize with your unique decor preferences.

Allow air and light to flow into your living space while maintaining control over desired levels with our Timber Venetians. Experience enhanced privacy, enabling you to live, work, and relax in absolute comfort. These practical solutions seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, available in widths of 50mm and 63mm.

Features & Benefits of Timber Venetians

  • Natural Beauty: Timber Venetian blinds exude unparalleled beauty and charm, complementing any decor style with their rich, warm tones.
  • Natural Insulation: Timber’s inherent insulating properties regulate your home’s temperature, providing comfort throughout the seasons.
  • Light Control: Enjoy precise control over light levels by adjusting the slats to your preference. Unlike traditional blinds, Venetians offer versatile light management, evenly distributing sunlight throughout the room.
  • Wide Variety of Colors: Choose from a diverse range of color options to seamlessly integrate Timber Venetians into your home decor, whether you prefer a coastal-inspired white or a dramatic dark brown.
  • Easy Maintenance: Timber Venetian blinds require minimal upkeep, with simple dusting to keep them looking pristine. Their durability ensures long-lasting performance, and occasional timber polish maintains their lustrous appearance.