Zipscreens Overview

Introducing Zipscreens, the premier solution for outdoor screening needs, perfect for any outdoor space or window.

Tailored for alfresco entertaining areas like pergolas, verandas, and balconies, Zipscreens provide year-round privacy and protection from elements such as sun, wind, and rain, transforming your outdoor area into a versatile living space.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, Zipscreens offer a contemporary, secure, and long-lasting alternative to traditional awnings and outdoor roller shutters. Customizable to fit spaces up to 7 meters wide with the Zip Screen Extreme, you can find an external solution for almost any area.

Featuring Zip Screen z-Lock technology, which includes a unique fabric guide system, the welded zip is securely fastened and concealed within side channels, ensuring a robust, sleek, and seamless operation.

The hidden z-Lock function eliminates gaps between the fabric screen and side channels, providing secure guided movement that remains stable even in windy conditions.

Looking for Zipscreen suppliers across Australia? Discover the benefits of Zipscreens below.

Features & Benefits of Zipscreen Shutters:

  1. Privacy Control: Zipscreens offer privacy for outdoor entertainment areas by using mesh fabric that makes it challenging for neighbors to see inside while preserving your outside view.

  2. Furniture Protection: By reducing the intensity of the sun’s rays, Zipscreens help prevent fading of outdoor furniture and decking, requiring less maintenance over time.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Zipscreens act as an additional barrier between your home and the outside environment, blocking heat or retaining cool air, thus reducing the need for air conditioning and lowering energy costs.

  4. Insect Repellent: Entertain outdoors without the annoyance of flies and mosquitoes, as Zipscreens keep unwanted insects at bay, enhancing your outdoor experience.

Common Uses of Zipscreens:

Zipscreens are commonly employed in pergolas and verandas to enclose spaces and provide protection from harsh weather conditions, creating an insect-free environment. They are also perfect for maintaining privacy, making them an ideal choice for suburban homes. With Zipscreens, you can entertain year-round, regardless of the weather.

Genuine Acmeda Componentry:

Sunset Blind and Shutters Zip Screens feature genuine Acmeda componentry and are available in a wide range of mesh fabrics. Our Zip Screens ensure complete edge sealing with retention side guides, and they can be operated via motorized or crank systems for your convenience.