Vertishade Blinds

Vertishade Blinds Overview

Sunset Blinds Vertishade blinds seamlessly blend the soft elegance of curtains with the practicality of vertical blinds, offering a versatile window covering solution for any home.

Our latest collection of Sunset Blinds Vertishade brings together style, durability, and child safety features to enhance the ambiance of your living spaces.

Crafted from soft fabric, these blinds provide daytime privacy while still allowing gentle natural light to filter through. With easy adjustment of the fabric vanes, you can effortlessly control the level of privacy and room darkening. For complete light blockout, simply close the blind entirely.

Experience the cost-effective beauty of soft blinds combined with the functionality of traditional blinds. Contact Sunset Blinds today to learn more about our range of interior blinds or request a free measure and quote online.

Features & Benefits of Verti Shade Blinds Single Tracking: Maximize space in your rooms with single tracking, achieving the same results as curtains without taking up extra room.

Easy to Clean: The soil-resistant fabric folds can be easily removed and washed individually or replaced within seconds, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Light Blockout: Choose from a variety of fabric densities, from sheer to complete blockout, and effortlessly adjust the light entering your space by rotating the fabric panels with the wand.

Child Friendly: With no cords or chains, Vertishade blinds offer peace of mind, making them one of the safest window covering options for homes with children or pets.

Extensive Options: Explore a wide range of colors and fabric densities to match any decor style, suitable for bedrooms, nurseries, living rooms, and more.

Versatile: Combining the functionality of curtains and shades, Vertishade blinds allow easy passage through the fabric folds when open or closed, offering unique usability compared to other window coverings.

UV Protection: Crafted with UV protectant material, Sunset Blinds Vertishades not only safeguard your furniture and flooring from sun damage but also maintain their own color and durability over time. Rest assured, no PVC is used in our Vertishade blinds, ensuring both style and sustainability.