Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades Overview

Sunset Blinds and Shutters introduces Cellular Shades, an innovative solution for enhancing energy efficiency while elevating the beauty and value of your property.

Designed to trap air within their cellular structure, these shades offer cooler summers and warmer winters, creating an elegant, efficient, and comfortable environment for living and working.

Highly versatile, Cellular Shades are adaptable for skylights and hard-to-reach placements, featuring an advanced rail system that eliminates cords, making them ideal for minimalist décors and households with young children. Our range boasts various pleat sizes, fabric translucencies, colors, and operating systems, ensuring a customized solution for every space. Explore our blinds and shutters online today or contact us at 1300 303 391 to speak with a blinds specialist.

Features & Benefits of Cellular Shades

  • Insulation: The intelligent honeycomb-like design of Cellular Shades provides an additional layer of protection, effectively regulating the temperature within your home, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Noise Reduction: The cellular structure of these shades not only blocks out heat but also reduces noise pollution, creating a peaceful indoor environment.
  • Privacy: With multiple layers, Cellular Shades offer excellent privacy control, preventing light from seeping through and providing a barrier against unwanted views from the outside.
  • Light Control: Available in various fabric options, including light filtering, sunscreen, and complete blockout, these shades allow you to customize the amount of light entering your space.
  • Cordless: Featuring a child-friendly design with no dangling cords or chains, Cellular Shades ensure safety for homes with small children while offering ease of use with an advanced rail system.
  • Slim Profile: These shades stack neatly against windows, making them suitable for small or narrow window spaces where other blinds may not fit.
  • Easy to Use, Maintain & Clean: With a ‘top-down, bottom-up’ option for outdoor viewing while maintaining privacy, Cellular Shades offer convenience and simplicity in operation and upkeep.
  • Range of Décor Options: Choose from a modern range of fabric colors to complement any interior decor style.