Twin Shades

Twin Shades Overview

Sunset Blinds and Shutters presents Panel Glide Blinds, a contemporary alternative to traditional vertical blinds, designed to slide effortlessly across glass areas such as windows and doors.

Streamlined and compact, Panel Glide Blinds are the epitome of minimalist décor, offering sleek lines that enhance any modern home with impressive style.

These blinds not only provide exceptional light and privacy control but also seamlessly open up window and door spaces, allowing uninterrupted views. Ideal for family homes seeking to blend indoor and outdoor living areas, Panel Glides offer an innovative and stylish solution in window furnishings.

Features & Benefits of Panel Glide Blinds

  • Easy to Use: Operating on a sliding mechanism similar to a sliding door, Panel Glide Blinds offer effortless functionality. They can be optimized with a motor for added ease, and their retractable panels stack neatly behind one another, saving space and providing easy access to the outdoors. With no chain system, they offer a tidy, child-friendly alternative to vertical blinds.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: With a sleek and versatile design, Panel Glide Blinds complement modern home aesthetics. The streamlined look provides an elegant shading solution that ensures privacy and excellent light control. Available in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors, they seamlessly integrate with various décors, allowing for personalized touches with options like blockout, light filtering, and sunscreen fabrics, as well as various trims.
  • Light Control and Privacy: Panel Glide Blinds excel at blocking out light, making them ideal for living room areas and cinema rooms. Their large panels minimize light penetration, protecting furniture and flooring from sun damage. When open, the blinds stack neatly behind furniture, allowing light to enter the room. When closed, they form a strong, impenetrable barrier, transforming the space into a cozy retreat.
  • Versatile: Panel Glide Blinds serve multiple purposes, acting as both window statements and room dividers. They can be paired with other blinds, such as roller and roman blinds, and are available in blockout, sunscreen, or light filtering options to suit individual preferences. Ideal for covering large windows and sliding doors, they offer unparalleled versatility in window covering solutions.