PVC Shutters

Discover Tranquility: Explore Our Range of Sunset Blinds and Shutters

Sunset Blinds and Shutters offers a stunning range of PVC shutters, PVC plantation shutters, and polymer plantation shutters, designed to bring a sense of tranquility into your living spaces with their clean lines and vibrant colors.

Our PVC shutters from Sunset Blinds and Shutters mimic the timeless beauty of wood while offering significant advantages. Constructed from a dense polymer, each blade and frame features an aluminum core for enhanced stability, even in larger panel sizes.

Experience the convenience of purchasing directly from our Sunset Blinds and Shutters Factory, ensuring competitive pricing across Australia. With a 20-year warranty, rest assured knowing that you’re investing in quality and longevity for your home.


Tailored Elegance:

Choose from over 15 frame styles to customize your shutters, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.
Unwavering Strength and Stability:

Featuring a durable aluminum core in both louver blades and panel stiles, our shutters guarantee lasting strength and stability.
Enhanced Insulation:

Enjoy superior insulation properties that effectively block UV rays, keeping your interiors comfortable year-round.
Waterproof Durability:

Ideal for wet room applications, our PVC shutters offer a perfect blend of style and functionality with their waterproof design.
Versatile Functionality:

Explore various tilt options and blade widths to find the ideal shutters that suit your specific needs for home or office spaces.
Certified for Safety:

Rest assured with VOC testing certification, ensuring compliance with safety standards for your peace of mind.
Longevity Assured:

With our exclusive 20-Year Warranty, Sunset Blinds and Shutters guarantee durability and longevity, making them a worthwhile investment for your property.