Crank Operated Straight Drop Awnings

Crank Operated Straight Drop Awnings Overview

Introducing Sunset Blind and Shutters Straight Drop Awnings, an affordable solution to shield your outdoor living space from the intense Australian sun, effortlessly operated with a simple crank system.

Perfect for outdoor entertaining enthusiasts, our straight drop awnings are a seamless addition to your home.

With a user-friendly crank lever, these awnings can be smoothly raised and lowered, securing in place to block out harsh sunlight. Additionally, motorized options are available, offering convenience from the comfort of your indoor lounge.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Experience year-round protection from harsh weather conditions, safeguarding your furniture and flooring from sun damage. By reducing heat infiltration into your home, you’ll decrease reliance on air conditioning, resulting in energy savings and environmental benefits.

  2. Enhanced Privacy: Enjoy outdoor gatherings with peace of mind, as our crank-operated straight drop awnings provide privacy from prying eyes, allowing you to entertain freely.

  3. Space Optimization: Maximize your outdoor living area, effectively extending your usable space with the addition of straight drop awnings, ideal for smaller residential lots.

  4. Insect Prevention: Bid farewell to bothersome mosquitoes and pests that can disrupt outdoor enjoyment. By lowering the awnings, you create a barrier against insects while still enjoying the outdoor view.

  5. Versatility: Sunset Blind and Shutters straight drop awnings are versatile and adaptable, suitable for various areas such as alfresco spaces, balconies, windows, and second stories. Different fabric options are available to suit your specific needs and preferences.

  6. Easy Operation: Featuring a crank handle for effortless operation, our straight drop awnings can be customized with additional features like headboxes, guide wires, or channels to minimize light intrusion, offering unparalleled versatility for your outdoor space.